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2013年6月27日 星期四

How To Add A Feedburner Reader Counter Widget

If you already have accumulated a good number of subscribers via Feed

now might be a good idea to let the rest of the world know that your site is worth following, and you can do this simply by adding a feed subscriber count widget into your Blogger.
There are two ways on how to go about this, one is by using Feedburner’s own default widget, and the other is by creating your own; we’ll be doing the former in today’s post, which is of course, free.
In order to do this, you’ll first have to log in to your Feedburner dashboard using your Google account detail. (If you still haven’t, you’ll be asked to create a Feedburner account or burn a feed first before proceeding.)
Click on the Publicize tab and then click on FeedCount located at the sidebar.
In this page, you can choose the style and the color scheme for your FeedCounter to better match your blog site’s theme.
Once you’re done choosing, click on Activate and it will generate the code you’ll use to embed the counter in your site. (Make sure that you also choose “Blogger” in the “Use as a widget in” drop-down list box).
Copy the HTML code provided in to your template.
And you’re done! Have fun watching your subscriber base increase as time goes by.


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