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2013年6月26日 星期三

How to add "You may also like" widget in blogger

In this post, I shall discuss on how to include an automatic "You may also like" or "You should also read" section in your blog? If you want to recommend your blog readers few more similar posts from your blog, then you can check this widget.
Well, what does actually the widget do is- when you include this widget in your blog, the widget's (site's) crawlers (spiders) quickly crawl your whole site and make an index and from the index they show some results in "You may also read" or "You should also read" section.

The installation of the widget is very easy. The name of the widget is LinkWithin. Click here to visit the site. The site owners have already published a detailed tutorial there. So, I shall not repeat it here. Just visit the site.
But, few point, I think, I should mention here-
1) The best place to add the widget is 'below post'. You can drag and drop in design settings page in your blogger account after the installation.

2) Also check the width of your blogger page before selecting the width of the widget. For example for my blog I have chosen 4 stories. (It is applicable on the date of writing this post. If you can not see the widget at the time of reading this post, then most probably I have removed it and forgot to re-edit here). So, you need to think a little before choosing the width of the widget there. And if you make any mistake, just remove the widget from your blogger's account and re-install the widget again from the site.

Hope this will help. If you have some question or comment, please use the comment box below!

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