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vBulletin 3.5.x, 3.6.x, 3.7.x, 3.8.x & 4.x Installation Instructions

A. Upload ALL the files in the 'upload' folder to your forum root folder.

Note: Ensure all files are uploaded with the same folder structure provided in your 'upload' folder.

B. License your vBSEO instance:

  1. CHMOD 666 the 'vB-root/vbseo/resources/xml/config.xml' file.
  2. Using your browser, visit:
  3. Define a password for your vBSEO Control Panel by entering it twice in the fields provided, you will be redirected to the settings page.
  4. Copy/Paste your current key: 32_digit_key_in_green into the license key field provided:
    1. Please make sure that your forums URL in vBulletin AdminCP option is specified correctly.
    2. If all settings are specified correctly and your current key field does not display a 'Valid key' notice (after saving settings), please open a support ticket.

C. Upload the vBSEO .htaccess file (located in the 'htaccess' folder) to your forum root folder.

Note: In some operating systems, the .htaccess file is not visible. If this is your case, find the htaccess.txt file in the same folder, (1) upload it to your forum root folder and (2) rename it to .htaccess.

D. Go to your ADMIN CP > 'Plugin System' > 'Manage Products' > Click on [Add/Import Product]

  • vB3.x Browse to the 'docs' folder of the installation package and open 'crawlability_vbseo_vb3.xml', Click 'Import'.
  • vB4.x Browse to the 'docs' folder of the installation package and open 'crawlability_vbseo_vb4.xml', Click 'Import'.

E. Optional Step - Define a custom position for your copyright statement:

Enter the following code in your footer template:


F. Configure vBSEO:

Note: The vBSEO default settings are optimal for most forums, do not change settings you are not familiar with.
  1. Using your browser, visit:
  2. Login using the password you defined in step B.
  3. Configure vBSEO settings as desired.
  4. For security purposes CHMOD 644 your 'vB-root/vbseo/resources/xml/config.xml' file after configuring vBSEO.


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