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[線上教學]WordPress › iTunes Affiliate Pro

iTunes Affiliate Pro creates affiliate links inside your posts/pages. No need to create LinkShare affiliate 

links inside your posts, this plugin does all the work and makes YOU money!

How does it work?

Before WordPress outputs a post, page, or custom post type; iTunes Affiliate Pro searches for a 

particular URL ('') string. If a match is found iTunes Affiliate Pro 

rewrites the link URL and adds an iTunes affiliate URL.

iTunes Affiliate Pro can start making you money immediately without making any changes to your existing content.

Getting Started

Once you have configured iTunes Affiliate Pro, try adding the following HTML to a post. 
<a href="">Taxman - Revolver</a>

If you have configured the plugin correctly and checked the Activate Filtercheckbox you will see an affiliate URL in place of the iTunes URL.

Working Example

Affiliate Program Details

The LinkShare program pays affiliates 5% of all purchases made within 3 days of clicking on one of your affiliate links. Assuming the visitor doesn't click on another affiliate link, you receive commissions on all purchases the user makes in the iTunes store. Since most new iPhone & iPad users go on a downloading frenzy after initially purchasing a new device, you can quickly make money using your WordPress site.
Reporting takes around 3-4 days to show up in LinkShare. If you don't see any sales after that period you'll want to make sure you have setup iTunes Affiliate Pro correctly.

If you're having problems with the plugin or need help getting started, visit the support forum:


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