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2013年7月8日 星期一

Cirrus Insight Google Calendar Sync

The new Cirrus Insight Google Calendar Sync automatically syncs events between Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Google Calendar. Cirrus Insight bundles Google Calendar Sync with its award-winning Gmail integration at no additional cost. Users can sync events between CRM and Google Calendar and then sync to native calendars in iPhone, iPad, Android, and virtually any mobile phone or tablet..

Cirrus Insight, the most popular Gmail plugin for viewing and managing CRM leads and contacts right in the inbox, today announced the release of its Google Calendar Sync feature.
Users of Cirrus Insight can now sync calendar events between Salesforce and Google Calendar. The bi-directional sync attaches calendar events from Google Calendar to appropriate leads and contacts, and brings CRM events into Google Calendar.
Simply check a box in Gmail, and Cirrus Insight will keep your appointments in sync between your two cloud calendars. No IT or admin set up required.


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