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2013年7月13日 星期六

Create an Online Powerpoint Presentation With Google Docs

Steps to Create a simple Powerpoint Presentation

Step 1: Login with your gmail id, at

Step 2: Once you login, you will have a workspace area to work with your documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Just below the logo, you will find the “Create New” button, when you click on that, you will have all the available options. Select Presentation there.

Step 3: Now you have an empty presentation being created in your workspace. The look and feel doesnt look like a web application at all!

Step 4: You can goto the Format Menu item and change the presentation Theme or Background. There are lots of templates and themes available!

Step 5: As you would do on any desktop office client, you can click on the new slide button, and select the Slide Design.

Step 6: If you need to insert a drawing, Shape or an Image, You can goto the Insert Menu item and select the same. Once you select image, You have options to select the image as a URL image or even a web upload!

Step 7: If you need to insert Tables to your slide deck, you can use the Table Menu item, and select the number of Rows and Colums.

Step 8: One very cool option, which I like about this Online google docs is the Speaker Notes option,Google Docs - Speaker Note Icon a small window pops up, which enables you to enter the Speaker notes which you wanna mention. Real nice thing!

Step 9: You can start the presentation, either by clicking on the ‘View menu -> Start Presentation’ or click the Start Presentation Button.

This will start the presentation of the powerpoint which you just created, You can hit F11 key for full screen mode!

Step 10: You can now share the presentation through email attachment, give a link to the presentation.. so that one can watch it online in Google Docs and even Embed this presentation to your website too..!

That completes your first presentation on Google Docs..!


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