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2013年7月4日 星期四

How to Add Feedjit to Blogspot....

Step 1

Navigate to the Feedjit website, click the "Sign-in" link on the top toolbar and then click the "Join FEEDJIT if you aren't a member!" link.

Step 2

Click the "Sign Up" button under the free version of the Feedjit service. This opens a registration page where you can begin creating your widget.

Step 3

Configure your widget from the registration page. You can choose options such as the widget color, text color, size and text styles.

Step 4

Select “Other blog or website” in the “Install Feedjit” drop-down menu and then click “Go.” The next page displays the Feedjit widget code.

Step 5

Highlight the widget code, right-click the code to open a context menu and then select “Copy.”

Step 6

Click the “Back” button on your browser to return to the sign-up form.

Step 7

Select “Blogger Blog” in the Install Feedjit drop-down menu and then click “Go."

Step 8

Click “Click to open a new window and install on Blogger." If you aren’t already logged in to your Google account, the site will prompt you to log in.

Step 9

Choose the name of the blog you want to install Feedjit on from the “Select a blog” drop-down menu.

Step 10

Type a name for the Feedjit widget in the Title text box.

Step 11

Click the “Edit Content” link to display the content text box.

Step 12

Right-click within the text box and select “Paste” to place the widget code in the box.

Step 13

Click the “Add Widget” button to add the Feedjit widget to your Blogger blog and then click the “Save” button to publish your changes.


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