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2013年7月9日 星期二

Make a GIF Image With GIFfun

GIFfun can synthesize a dynamic GIF image with several static pictures (jpg, png, etc).
 You can select some parameters, such as: how many times to cycle, the interval between each frame and so on.

GIFfun is free software and can be run on Mac of 10.1 version or later with Power PC or Intel processors. You can drag the images that need synthesizing into dynamic GIF onto the left side of the box one by one and then lineup them (you can drag the images up or down to change the display order in the GIF). The rightmost “Delay” column shows the time that each picture displays in the GIF, and you can click the drop-down menu to change the interval between each frame.

Look at the “Loops” section on the right. For the first option, you can choose the times of cycles of the GIF: 1, customize, forever. For the second, you can do high definition. Finally, click “Make GIF” and the dynamic GIF image will be synthesized. PS: double-click the button below to display the image in Finder.


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