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2013年7月24日 星期三

[Podcast Tutorials 2-4 ]Making a YouTube Channel for Your Podcast

Step 1
Sign up for a YouTube account and log in to the website. If you have a Gmail account, you can use the same username and password for YouTube. Navigate to to create a customized YouTube channel. A screen appears that allows you to create a name for your channel.
Step 2
Choose your country from the drop-down menu. Enter your date of birth and gender in the appropriate fields. On the next screen, select your privacy settings from the list of options and then click the “All done!” button.
Step 3
Create the URL for your channel’s RSS feed. The format for the feed is You will use this URL as your podcast’s RSS feed for podcast applications, directories plus MP3 players and smartphones that allow you to subscribe to podcasts.
Step 4
Navigate to your channel’s homepage at Click the “Upload” button to add videos to your channel. You will have the option to upload multiple files or even record a video directly into YouTube from your computer’s webcam. Each time you upload an episode of your podcast, it will be added to your channel’s RSS feed. This allows podcast directories and applications to automatically download your newest episode for subscribers.
Step 5
Add your podcast’s RSS feed URL to your website with a subscribe link so your site visitors can easily subscribe to your YouTube podcast. Use the following code format for an easy subscribe link: <a href=””>Subscribe to YouTube Podcast</a>

Create an Enhanced Podcast Feed

Step 1
Log in to with your YouTube username and password. Feedburner is a Google-owned service that allows you to create enhanced, feature-rich feeds so you can track your podcast statistics, add iTunes podcasting elements, provide a podcast summary in your feed and assign categories and keywords.
Step 2
Enter your podcast RSS feed URL into the "Burn a feed right this instant" field. Check the "I am a podcaster" box. Click "Next."
Step 3
Type a title for your Podcast in the "Feed Title field." Click “Next.” Feedburner producers an enhanced feed that you can use as the subscriber link on your website and for inclusion in podcast directories.


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