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2013年8月27日 星期二

Disabling Automatic Login Mac...

If you’re the only user of your Mac, but are afraid of unwanted users getting on your computer? We’ve got a quick and easy soliton for you. In this tutorial we will be showing you how to disable automatic login on your login. This tutorial is pretty basic and doesn’t require any additional software.
To start, launch System Preferences on your Mac. Once it’s open, look towards the center of the window, you will see a header labeled “System”. Under this header is an option labeled “Users & Groups”, click on this option.

Look towards the lefthand side of the System Preferences window, you will see a sidebar which lists all of the accounts on your Mac. Look under all of these accounts and click on the button labeled “Login Options”. Now look towards the center of the window, you will see an option labeled “Automatic login:”, make sure this option is turned off from the drop down menu located next to the label. Automatic login has now been shut off.


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