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2013年8月11日 星期日

How to Enable/Disable Office 2013 Touch Mode

Microsoft has released the latest version office --office_2013. Have you download & install microsoft office 2013 on your computer? Touch mode is one of the new features in office 2013, however, do you know how to enable office 2013 touch mode or disable office 2013 touch mode? Don't worry about that, here is an article to show you the easy way to do that.

  • Enable Office 2013 Touch Mode

    (1) Download & install office 2013 on your computer. 

    (2) Launch office 2013 after you finished, and then select blank document. 
    Notes: You can select any document template. 

    (3) Switch over to the Quick Access toolbar at the top, and select the down arrow at the right Redo button.

    (4) Select the touch mode from the list when you see this menu. 

    (5) Now, you can see a new option will appear at the right of the Redo button with a circle like icon.

    (6) Select this icon to enable the touch mode. 
  • Disable Office 2013 Touch Mode 

    (1) Just click the round touch mode circle again to disable office 2013. 


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