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2014年1月12日 星期日

Install MYSQL on os x Mavericks

To install the script copy the following line and paste it into terminal:
bash <(curl -Ls

The script performs the following tasks:

  • Checks for OS X and MySQL
  • Downloads the latest version of MySQL
  • Installs MySQL and prompts to install Preference Pane
  • Sets root password, displays password
  • Places copy of password in a file on the desktop
  • Copies the base my.cnf and makes some performance tweaks (mmv.cnf) - NEW
  • Prompts user if they want performance configuration - NEW
  • If so, copies mmv.cnf to /etc/my.cnf and restarts MySQL - NEW
  • Prompts to automatically install Sequel Pro and install it - NEW

  • A quick note on performance tuning ...
    This script creates a modified my.cnf file named mmv.cnf. The performance settings will not be perfect for every MySQL server. The intention was to give a small performance boost in a generic way. This script gives the option to copy over the mmv.cnf file to /etc/my.cnf and restart MySQL. We encourage you to further tune your MySQL server after it is running for awhile. You can do so by running this command in your terminal and it will display stats and recommendations. (Credit Major Hayden for MySQLTuner)
    Copy and paste this into terminal to run MySQLTuner:
    perl <(curl -Ls


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