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2014年1月3日 星期五

Install WordPress on OS X Mavericks 10.9


If you want to get WordPress 3.8 quickly installed on your OS X machine for development or just to learn the software you can install all the necessary components including Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin and WordPress in one foul swoop without launching the Terminal. This type of install works best if you don’t use Apple’s built-in web sharing software, are new to web development or just want to safely look under the hood.
Super fast and super easy from Bitnami that puts all the required software in one easy installation. This tutorial covers up to OS X Mavericks 10.9 and earlier.

Download The Software

bitnami-wordpress-installGet latest bundled installer here WordPress version 3.8 this will download the compressed zip to your download folder, decompress and leave the installer ‘bitnami-wordpress-3.8-0-osx-x86-installer.dmg’

bitnami-wordpress-installerOnce the installer has downloaded just double click the dmg file and run the installer.

Install The Software

bitnami-start-installRun the installer
bitnami-start-install-packagesMake sure all packages are checked
bitnami-start-install-locationLeave the default location in the Applications folder
bitnami-start-install5-user-accountSet a login and password – this will set username and password for WordPress admin account and only password for phpMyAdmin (the username is root)
bitnami-ports-defaultLeave any ports set to defaults – you may have to adjust the number if you have the service already running to another non-standard port number
bitnami-name-siteName your site
bitnami-install-siteInstall the files
bitnami-launch-siteLaunch the WordPress application

Where Stuff Is

After you launch the application your browser will launch and you will be brought to the home location
home url for bitnami
The default home URL is

bitnami-launch-2014-wordpressThe default home for your WordPress is

bitnami-2014-wordpress-wp-adminThe default home for your WordPress Login is or — the user is ‘admin’ and the password is what you set earlier

bitnami-2014-wordpress-wp-dashboardThe WordPress installation comes with a few plugins pre-installed to cover SEO, Spam, Contact Forms and Google Analytics – that’s it from here you get into your WordPress project

phpmyadmin homepage
The default home for your phpMyAdmin is – the user is ‘root’ and the password is what you set earlier.
You don’t need to go here unless you want to – the database that WordPress needs has already been created and is in use, it is named ‘bitnami_wordpress’

phpmyadmin home page
On login to phpmyadmin you have access to the backend MySQL databases

bitnami application folder location and files
All the files and software needed to make the installation are all filed in/Applications/wordpress-3.8-0 with the most important being  ’manager-osx’ if something isn’t working check here to see if your websharing and database tools are running, which are Apache and MySQL – start the servers if required.

To Remove the Bitnami Stack and WordPress Installation

Run the /Applications/wordpress-3.8-0/uninstall application
Thats it nice and easy WordPress installation.


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