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2015年12月7日 星期一

Finder Shortcuts for Your MacBook Keyboard

Keyboard shortcuts help you make quick, efficient use of the OS X Finder on your MacBook, providing all kinds of options for performing common tasks within El Capitan.
Command+ASelects all items in the active window (icon view), all items in the column (column view), or all items in the list (list view and Cover Flow view)
Command+CCopies the selected items
Command+DDuplicates the selected item or items
Command+EEjects the selected volume
Command+FDisplays the Find controls in a new Finder window
Command+HHides All Finder windows
Command+IShows info for the selected item or items
Command+JShows the view options for the active window
Command+KDisplays the Connect to Server dialog
Command+LCreates an alias for the selected item
Command+MMinimizes the active window
Command+NOpens a new Finder window
Command+OOpens (or launches) the selected item
Command+RShows the original for the selected alias
Command+TOpens a new Finder tab
Command+VPastes items from the Clipboard
Command+WCloses the active window
Command+XCuts the selected items
Command+ZUndoes the last action (if possible)
Command+,Displays Finder Preferences dialog
Command+1Shows the active window in icon mode
Command+2Shows the active window in list mode
Command+3Shows the active window in column mode
Command+4Shows the active window in cover flow mode
Command+[Moves back to the previous Finder location
Command+]Moves forward to the next Finder location
Command+DeleteMoves selected items to the Trash
Command+Up ArrowShows the enclosing folder
Command+`Cycles through windows
Command+/Shows/Hides Status bar
Command+?Displays OS X Help Viewer
Command+Shift+AGoes to your Applications folder
Command+Shift+CGoes to the top-level Computer location
Command+Shift+GGoes to the specified folder
Command+Shift+HGoes to your Home folder
Command+Shift+QLogs you out
Command+Shift+NCreates a new untitled folder in the active window
Command+Shift+PShows/Hides Preview pane
Command+Shift+TShows/Hides Tab bar
Command+Shift+UGoes to your Utilities folder
Command+Shift+DelDeletes the contents of the Trash
Command+Option+HHides all windows (except Finder windows)
Command+Option+IOpens the Inspector for the selected items
Command+Option+NCreates a new smart folder
Command+Option+TShows/Hides the Finder window toolbar and sidebar
Command+SpaceDisplays the Spotlight search box
Control+Up ArrowDisplays the Mission Control screen
Control+Down ArrowShows all open windows for the current application using Mission Control
Command+F3Hides all windows to display the Desktop using Mission Control
F4Displays your Dashboard widgets
SpacebarDisplays the contents of a file using Quick Look


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