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2016年3月26日 星期六

phpScheduleIt 安裝教學

Booked (formerly phpScheduleIt)


  • 100% free and open source. (GPL)
  • OS independent. Only requires a web server running PHP and MySQL.
  • Multiple languages and cultures.
  • Simple to install in any enviornment. Both a web-based and manual installation process are available.
  • Easy to extend with many pluggable components.
  • No limits when hosting on your server. Unlimited number of schedules, resources, users and reservations.
  • Active support community.
  • Easy to use administrative tools make it easy to quickly fine, manage and export data.
  • Powerful reporting system.
  • Reservation start and end reminders.
  • Intutive click and drag schedule view allows users to quickly find and book an available time slot.
  • Organize users and limit access by groups.
  • Flexible layout configuration lets you set up schedules that fit your needs.
  • Limit and control resource usage with a flexible quota system.
  • Optionally review and approve reservation requests.
  • Integration with Outlook®, Google® Calendar or any other system that accepts .ical files.
  • Authentication integration with LDAP, Active Directory, WordPress and more.
  • Customizable attributes and fields.
  • Tiered roles and permissions.

2016年3月22日 星期二

Changes and quality improvements in Google Places API Search

Using the new type search feature is straightforward. Here is an example of a Text Search request:

Why is this notice important

Please update your app as soon as possible to ensure the best possible search experience for your users.
The types establishment, food, health, general_contractor, finance and place_of_worship, will not be available as searchable types from Feb 16, 2017. However these types will still be returned in search and details results.


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